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Rescued Horses Sugar, Carl, and Banjoe

     On 8/12/16 three new horses were rescued, Ms. Sweet Sugar, Carl and Banjoe during
   their greatest need.
Read the Concord Monitor article about the rescue... 
   Donations are in great need. Please help pay for Sweet Sugar's medical bills by going to            the Donations page and using Paypal.
    Ms. Sweet Sugar
    See how Sweet Sugar is doing now! Click here to watch a video of the first time she
    has been put with all the other mini's and the first time we have seen her go into a
    gallop. Even though she still has rehabilitation to go, getting those feet in line with the
    coffin bone in its proper position, she now has learned she can gallop and being the
    only mini mare, she is moving those boys around....SWEET SUGAR enjoying life at the
    Weirs Times Sweet Sugar Rescue Story

    Concord Monitor Video Report

    Click on the image below to see Sweet Sugar taking her first steps after major hoof care
    work with hoof specialist Lisa Walker and awesome volunteers of LLLF Rescue.



    Sweet Sugar has seen the vet (Dr. Robyn), had her checkup and got her x-rays in
    preparing for her first hoof work.


    Xrays planned with vet and dentist appointments and her first major hoof work. She will           need months even years of rehabilitation. Sweet Sugar is in so much pain but still
    appreciates every moment of every little thing a human is doing to help her.
                                                                                     Click on the image above to view video

                  Carl and Banjoe                                         Poor Carl has many infected wounds

              Banjoe has many infected wounds with being extremely swollen and infections inside
    his back legs and groin areas.

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