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The Volunteer section of the Live and Let Live Farm's Rescue and Sanctuary Website is for active volunteers only.

If you are currently a volunteer and would like to be added to the site you can send an email request to the Volunteer gmail account:

Be sure to include the following information:

First Name

Last Name

Email Address (this is optional but suggested.  It is a way for admins to get in touch with you.  By adding your email you will also have options to add yourself to email alert lists)

Volunteer Number (if you do not yet have a volunteer # please indicate this in your email)

Affiliation with the Farm (Ex: do you have specific days you volunteer?  What do you do on your volunteer days?  Do you help with fundraising events off of the farm?)


The purpose of this page is to keep active volunteers in the loop for various information.  It is also meant to be a tool for volunteers to ask questions pertaining to tasks on the farm.  Therefore, due to information not intended for the general public, if you do not meet the criteria of an active volunteer you will be directed to follow one of our social media accounts or to be added to our newsletter list.  Thank you!