and Let Live farm Inc.

Volunteers are the Angels for our Animal Friends in Need


Volunteers are the humans who give unselfishly of their free time to help with stacking hay, feeding, cleaning stalls, run ins and paddocks, building and fencing, painting, brushing, website work, phone calls, transport, fundraising, phones and emails, hoof care, filing, book keeping, socializing with the animals to overcome their fears and insecurities with relationship training, clicker training, ground work and sometimes lots of walks. Whatever needs doing for the good of the animals.

Without volunteers, all would be lost and we could not help the animals in need.

Live and Let Live Farm is not really a stable that is open to the public for riding, boarding or lessons. We don't have a lot of beginner horses, and we have many horses with special needs.


Volunteers do all the work at Live and Let Live Farm, Inc. We always need help taking care of the horses and with maintenance of the farm, so volunteers are always welcomed. We don't have the staff to supervise children, but our horses still need interactions with people, so we encourage families to get involved.

We need more dedicated, committed volunteers to help feed the horses and do chores on a daily basis. Do you have one morning or evening available a week that you could commit to feeding? or cleaning stalls or paddocks? Or watering? Even an hour once a week, on a consistent basis can contribute. If you can commit to the same time, the same day, and the same chore every week, that would be wonderful.

We also need volunteers that can do grant writing and research, office work, financial work, staff a Live and Let Live table at fund raisers, as well as help building/repairing fences, run-in shelters and paddocks.


Live and Let Live Farm also needs volunteers who love to garden. We promote organic gardening to share our farm with birds and butterflies, and to share our organic vegetables with volunteers. We need volunteers who like to do both flower and vegetable gardening.

How can you become a volunteer.

The first step in volunteering is to come for a tour of the farm. Tours are every Sunday at 2:30pm.  Directions to the farm can be found on the Contact section of our website. When you arive you please head to the recreation building to sign in before heading out on the tour.

All vistiors are welcome on the Sunday 2:30pm tour. All other visits to the farm are by appointment only

Once you have attended a tour are interested in volunteering, speak with your volunteer tour guide about making arrangements to attend the next volunteer training.

In preparation of your training, its important that you are familiar with how we do things at the farm.  Be sure to read our Farm Guidelines pfd icon and follow them when at the farm.  Complete the form on page 15 and bring it with you to your training session.

Your family is welcome, but please remember on the tour or during volunteer time, children must stay with you when on the property of Live and Let Live Farm. This is for the safety of all.



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