Live and Let Live Farm's Rescue and Sanctuary, 20 Paradise Lane, Chichester, NH 03258

Other Ways to Give

A non-profit, volunteer rehabilitation, rescue and sanctuary for animals

See Below for Additional Ways to Give to the Rescue

  • Sponsor an Animal:  The Sponsorship Program was developed for the lover of horses/ ponies or any other designated and available animal at the farm. This program helps support the feeding, housing and care of unwanted, abused and neglected animals.  Click Sponsorship Program for more information.
  • Calendar Partnership/Advertising:  Buy ad space in our yearly calendar and support the animals at Live and Let Live Farm while also getting your business out there!  OR, partner with us for your next fundraiser and have our calendars available for sale.  Click here for more information on our Calendar Partnership Program.
  • Recycle for Cash:  Have an old cell phone, Blackberry, or empty printer toner cartridge hanging around? Don't throw it out! Donate it to Live and Let Live Farm! We can recycle these items into cold, hard cash for our animals! Be sure to check with your employer for these items, too.
  • Honor/Memory:  Make a donation to the Live and Let Live Farm in honor or memory of a person or pet. You have the option for us to mail an acknowledgment card to the person of your choice, notifying them of your gift. For acknowledgment cards, a minimum donation of $25 is suggested. Whether it is for a milestone birthday, personal achievement, professional honor or some other momentous occasion, a donation to the Live and Let Live Farm is a special way to recognize your friends, family and pets while making a contribution to the future of our rescue.  To make a contribution, click here.  We will send notification that a gift has been made so make sure you let us know where to send it!
  • Bequest in Wills:  You can give an outright gift of cash, securities, real estate or personal property and designate it for transfer to Live and Let Live Farm, Inc. You can make a gift of described property, a percentage of your estate, the residual of your estate or a specific dollar amount. Your retirement account can be allocated to Live and Let Live Farm, Inc. where the total unused portion would be passed onto Live and Let Live farm, Inc. Because Live and Let Live Farm is a 501c-3, nonprofit, charitable foundation, 100% of this money would pass to the Farm. If it was left to a person, than passed to the farm, it would be taxed.
  • Living Trusts:  In most states, a will must go through a probate process that can often be expensive and time consuming. By creating a revocable living trust you can avoid probate while naming Live and Let Live Farm, Inc. a beneficiary of the trust, much as you would by making a bequest in a will.
  • Life Insurance Policies:  Insurance can often be a fairly inexpensive way for you to leave a sizable gift for the animals. If your existing policy is no longer needed for its initial purpose (such as your children’s education), you can make a gift of it to Live and Let Live Farm Inc., with tax deductions equal to its cash/replacement value. If you are younger, this is a way to “create” a larger gift than you might have thought possible in the future. You can also designate Live and Let Live Farm as the future care giver of your animals that may need placement or permanent retirement and the policy will pay for their care.
  • Retirement Accounts: Donate your 401k or retirement account to Live and Let Live Farm Rescue. Other than your living spouse or a nonprofit 501c-3, whoever you leave your excess 401k or retirement account funds to will be taxed up to 55%. Leave your 401-k or retirement account to Live and Let Live Farm Rescue and the animals will benefit 100% tax free on the rest of your hard earned retirement. Nothing to loose because you use it until you pass, then the rest is given to help benefit the animals of Live and Let Live Farm Rescue.
  • Charitable Life Estate:  Give your home, a farm, or even a vacation cabin to Live and Let Live Farm, Inc. now while continuing to enjoy your life, or the lives of you and your spouse.
    Live and Let Live Farm does not receive the property until the last tenant died. This is like leaving the property to us in your will except, by doing so now,  you will receive a substantial tax deduction.
  • The "Totten" Trust:  The simplest of all trusts: this is accomplished by simply signing a card at your bank that leaves an account “in trust for” Live and Let Live Farm, Inc.. This action is revocable and the assets of the account are yours for the rest of your life, passing to Live and Let Live Farm, Inc. free of probate time and costs, after your death.
  • Stocks and Bonds:  Donate stocks directly to Live and Let Live Farm Rescue stock account and while helping the animals you also will get a great tax benefit. Stocks would be donated at the full face value in which you can write off, no matter how much their gains were since you purchased them.