Live and Let Live Farm's Rescue and Sanctuary, 20 Paradise Lane, Chichester, NH 03258

Before and After

A non-profit, volunteer rehabilitation, rescue and sanctuary for animals

We're so proud of the successful journeys that have happened over the years at the farm.  The strength and resilience of the animals, their incredible ability to trust and forgive humans, and the love and dedication of the humans on the rescue have come together countless times with tremendous results.  Check out some of the before and after stories below!



Solstice came to the rescue with three other horses.  While his case was the most severe of the 4, local law enforcement remarked that overall this was one of the worst cases of animal neglect they had ever seen.  He was purposely starved - almost to the point of death.  In happier times, Solstice, aka "The King", was an endurance champion, well known throughout the region in his disciplines.  As his former humans faced trial, he was rehabilitated at Live and Let Live and is now a happy and healthy senior horse who greets new visitors in one of the upper paddocks.

Chip and Dale

Chip and Dale were rescued together in a starvation situation.  After some time at Live and Let Live Farm, both were rehabilitated and have moved on to happy, forever homes.


Rather than starve to death, Nico chewed his way out of the stall he where he was imprisoned and was found wandering down the street, looking for help.  Live and Let Live was called in and shortly after, Nico was with us on the rescue getting immediate, emergency care.  His journey has been full of obstacles, but none of them could deter his spirit of survival and his love of humans.  He now has a human of his own who cares for him at the rescue.