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Voices in the Dark – Documentary DVD

Voices in the Dark – Documentary DVD




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In 2003, Teresa Paradis, the founder of one of the largest animal rescues in the state of New Hampshire, went to a farm to pick up two horses.  Teresa realized the animals were being surrendered due to the poor conditions they were living in.  the farm where they were being boarded (set against an idyllic New England backdrop), was deceptive to the average person admiring its beauty.  Inside the barn animals were kept in deplorable conditions, denied access to sufficient food, water, and even sunlight.  As Teresa looked in horror at the animals being kept there, a blue-eye horse peered out at her from the darkness.  As she looked at the animal silently crying out for help, she vowed that someday she would rescue him.

Eleven years later, the day finally arrived, but Teresa was to find that rescuing the animals was only the beginning.

Voices in the Dark follows the story, more than a decade in the making, of one of the most notorious rescues in the history of Live and Let Live Farm.  it celebrates the stories, people and the animals that have made this recuse a place of hope and healing, that is is know for today.