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Live and Let Live Farm, Inc.

A non-profit, Volunteer, Rehabilitation Rescue & Sanctuary for animals

  20 Paradise Lane,  Chichester NH    03258

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(Adoptable Farm Animals)

This poor cat who we have affectionately named Mr. Franklin was left outside in the bitter cold with wounds all over his body. Urine was leaking out of the extremely infected open stomach wounds. Mr. Franklin is in intensive care at Suncook River Vet in Epsom and has undergone surgery to save his life. LLLF is in need of help to pay for this cat's surgeries and long term ICU recovery. Please donate using the PayPal button above to help in his recovery.

What the Blanket was Hiding...

A new rescue at the farm this emaciated boy is in need of a lot of care, love, and prayers.

Lots of small meals of specialty foods, minerals, vitamins, water, lots of rehabilitation and love, none is cheap but pulling this boy through this would be a blessing of the heart. Your help is needed.

Please help feed and care for these precious, voiceless, discarded Navajo baby foals by clicking on the PayPal link above.  View pictures of the foals

Our Mission

Live and Let Live Farm, Inc. is an animal shelter that rescues abused and unwanted animals, mainly horses, and provides them either a temporary or permanent safe place to interact with people. When applicable, we will try to find appropriate homes for rehabilitated animals. Those animals that are considered un-adoptable will be given lifetime care at our farm.

As a young girl growing up, I had two dreams. The first was to have a permanent place to call a home of my own. The second was to work for an animal rescue – one that would take care of, help and save horses.

So, many years later, with endless hard work and struggles, I have gone beyond my wildest dreams and founded Live and Let Live Farm, Inc. The Farm is a nonprofit, 501C-3, charitable foundation that rescues, rehabilitates, and offers sanctuary to animals – mainly horses. The Farm is a place of peacefulness where people can come to interact with the animals. They learn while helping the needy, but loving animal friends of Live and Let Live Farm.  

LLLF meets the criteria of a true equine sanctuary/rescue and is providing humane and responsible care of the animals.   More Info...

A message from the Founder of the Live and Let Live Farm

About the Farm:

Live and Let Live Farm, Inc. was formed in 1996, and incorporated as a 501c3 charitable nonprofit foundation in 2002. Starting with just four horses, the farm has expanded to over 60 horses along with many other species of animals. The facilities has grown to three barns, an indoor rehabilitation center (The Complete Body Rehabilitation Center), four round pens, a series of corrals with run-in shelters and an outdoor riding ring.  

The Live and Let Live Farm, Inc. provides a safe environment for animals and people to interact. Through a network of volunteers (which forms a huge family of our own ''with a remarkable sense of kinship"), along with co-owner and sponsorship programs, people learn humane education and horsemanship while caring for and rehabilitating horses.

We work with school districts (such as Chichester and Epsom), nonviolent prison rehabilitation programs, youth groups and other programs (such as the "Eagala" program) to implement programs that will give people an opportunity to work with horses that they wouldn't normally have. The benefits of building relationships with horses and people include physical, emotional and mental aspects that have been well documented and can lead both animals and people to having more productive lives.



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