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Month: February 2019

A non-profit, volunteer rehabilitation, rescue and sanctuary for animals

Brrrr, It’s Windy!

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean that the farm chores stop.  We’ve had a crazy amount of wind the past couple of days here in NH!  The gusts are so strong they even toppled the flag pole by our puppy building and indoor rehabilitation center. Everyone on the farm is holding up well despite the freezing temperatures but we can’t wait for Spring.

Article in Local Newspaper

Our local newspaper, The Concord Monitor, recently visited the farm and interviewed founder and Executive Director, Teresa Paradis.  We had a rescue situation around the holidays where some horses were taken from a not-so-great situation.  It was recently discovered that the rest of the animals were removed from that same property due to the continued, poor care.  Check out the details in the article (click on the post to see the link):