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2nd Annual Golf Fundraiser a Success!

Our wonderful volunteers are always coming up with new, amazing ways to raise money and awareness for the farm.  A few days ago, we had a perfect example of this selfless giving with the second annual golf tournament, aptly named: “Par for Hoof, Paws and Claws”, was held.  A lot of work goes into planning these events and we should never forget that it is done by the volunteers of the farm who donate their time to coordinating events such as this.  It was a long day, and as the money raised is being tallied it is obvious that their efforts paid off.  A wonderful time was had by all.  A BIG thank you to all to participated.  We hope to see you on the course next year!

Come Visit Us at the Deerfield Fair

Live and Let Live is once again going to have a booth at the Deerfield Fair in Deerfield, NH.  Please make sure you stop by to see what we’ve been up to and to meet our volunteers.  We love to talk to members of the public about what we do!

Thank You PetSmart!

We are so thankful to all the people and organizations that help us find fur-ever homes for the precious souls that pass through Live and Let Live Farm’s Rescue and Sanctuary.  One of the wonderful places that coordinates with us on adoption events on a regular basis is PetSmart.  Every event brings new families together and this week’s was no exception.  Love seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces!

Elks Club Fundraiser a Success!!

We had such an amazing time yesterday at the Elks Club fundraiser.  From motorcycles to mini horses to balloon animals and everything in between, it was great fun for adults and children alike.  Events like this not only benefit the rescue by raising much needed funds, but it also brings members of the community together which makes us at Live and Let Live Farm’s Rescue and Sanctuary so unbelievably happy.  We have fundraisers all throughout the year and we’d love to see you at our next one.  Check out our Calendar page to see all upcoming events.

Meet Chip and Dale

Please join us in welcoming Chip and Dale to the rescue.  Chip is an Arabian x gelding and Dale is a Halflinger mare.  One of the traditions we have at the rescue is that, when animals come from a very negative situation, we rename them so that when they step foot on the rescue it symbolizes a new start.  These are the rescues that tug at your heartstrings.  Even though they are so very thin they are full of love and are enjoying their interactions with the volunteers.  The vet visited them today and while they are not out of the woods we have a positive outlook.  They both clearly want to fight through and get well which is a good thing.  Some of the volunteers put a bunch of fresh shavings in their paddock today and they loved it!  They rolled around and had a grand old time.  We love you already Chip and Dale!

Bristol’s Legacy

We at Live and Let Live Farm and Rescue are proud when we look back on the countless animals that have been saved over the years.  Despite the number of animals that have passed through our lives, each one holds a place in our heart.  Sometimes, however, there are stories that stick with us more than others.  Ones that touch us and will never leave our thoughts.  Bristol is one of those stories. Live and Let Live was called in for a rescue situation late one evening and the conditions that were seen upon arrival were horrifying.  Dozens of animals in various stages of starvation and dehydration.  One horse, Bristol, could barely stand.  Upon seeing the trailer she recognized her salvation and, summoning all the strength she had, she ran inside.  On the way back to the Rescue her strength gave out and she collapsed in the trailer.  Back at the Rescue with a vet on site and multiple volunteers, we worked into the night trying to save her.  Her eyes cried out that she wanted to live but her body could not take the strain anymore.  She died in the arms of people who loved her, even if we only knew her for a short time. Bristol’s death sent a shock-wave through the Rescue.  As we held each other and cried, the first reaction is usually to lash out and think negatively about the humans who, knowingly, starved this beautiful animal to death.  But we have to be careful not to become cynical.  Live and Let Live is proud to be a place of hope and healing and while Bristol’s death was 100% preventable and unnecessary, we have to look ahead and find the light in the darkness. Because of Bristol’s death, the authorities became aware of the truly horrible conditions at her former home.  Shortly after she died, they conducted another investigation where countless more animals were then saved.  The story has also gained widespread attention which will hopefully bring to light that animal abuse is real and that help is out there for those who ask.  If you suspect a case of neglect or abuse please don’t be silent.  These animals cannot speak for themselves. Rest in peace, Bristol.  We will never forget you. (Links below are visible by clicking on the articles title “Bristol’s Legacy” at the top) See the WMUR story by clicking here See the Concord Monitor story by clicking here See the NBC Boston story by clicking here See the NECN Boston story by clicking here

It’s Teresa’s Birthday!

Teresa Paradis founded Live and Let Live Farm and Rescue 20 years ago.  What she has built over that time is nothing short of amazing.  Inspiring countless people and bringing hope into the lives of humans and animals alike, we were all so excited to throw her a surprise birthday party last Saturday!  (It was definitely a surprise as her birthday is technically today)  Happy birthday Teresa and thank you for all you do!!

Come to the Deerfield Fair

Once again Live and Let Live will have a booth at the Deerfield Fair, being held September 27th – 30th, 2018.  Come visit our booth to talk to volunteers and get information on the farm and all we do. To follow this event check out our Calendar of Events or visit our Facebook page

Elks Club Ride Fundraiser Event

Our first ever Elks Club fundraising event is going to be held on Saturday, September 1st, 2018.  We are so excited to be partnering with them to support the animals of Live and Let Live Farm Rescue.  It’s going to be a family friendly, awesome time.  Hope to see you there! To follow this event you can check out our Calendar of Events or visit our Facebook page

Alpaca’s Arrive at Live and Let Live Rescue

Four Alpaca arrive to Live and Let Live Farm’s Rescue. We are please to have Ben and Alvin (A special needs Alpaca) and two females, Penny and Feona, join us here. Their antics and funny noises is keeping us all laughing! Come and meet these fabulous four on a weekly guided tour held on Sunday’s at 2:30 (you must wear closed toed shoes and appropriate weather related clothing as the tour last 1-2 hours and is mainly outside)